Month: March 2017

Forklift licences for first-timers and old timers

forklift licences

Elevated Training can get you enrolled, trained and legally prepared to work operating different machinery such as forklifts, bobcats, excavators and more.

If you are new to the worksite, it’s important to consider that there are there are two different forklift tickets to consider.

An LF licence allows you to operate any forklift truck with moving fork arms, while an LO licence will only qualify you to operate a load-shifting order picker – where the operator’s platform rises and lowers to pick stock at varying levels.

If you’re looking to get work in a warehouse, transport or logistics role, either licence would be an ideal starting point to kick-start your career in the industry.

At Elevated Training, we conduct 3-day courses for both the LF and LO tickets for just $475.

Whereas if you have previously held a forklift licence that has now expired, it is simply a matter of attending a brief four-hour session to refresh your training, verify your competency and renew your licence.

We use your recognised prior learning and previous experience operating the machinery to fast track your training so you can regain accreditation and be back on the worksite in no time.

The fast-tracked course reminds you of the fundamental skills so you are up to date with training, and the renewal costs only $350.

Elevated Training has experienced trainers and assessors that specialise in a wide range of vocational training for forklift tickets and EWP licences.

We also have courses for entering and working in confined spaces, working safely at heights and operating elevating work platforms over 11 metres.

To ensure you are fully qualified with a current licence, contact us for all your training, log book and licensing needs.

Call us today to book in your next training, or book online to receive 10% off the course fee.

Specialised training and tickets for working in confined spaces

Working in confined spaces

For those with plant operating tickets or high risk licences you are often exposed to workplace hazards and the risk associated with being on a worksite each day.

But when it comes to working in confined spaces, there is a wide range of different hazards that you need to understand, be prepared for, and have the expertise to avoid or mitigate the risks involved.

The need to work in confined spaces is quite common for labour roles in the construction and farming industries.

Confined spaces can be below or above ground, and are not necessarily small – but rather, they could be spaces where access is limited.

There is a smaller margin for error when working in confined spaces, which is why hazard assessment is extremely important and must be taken very seriously.

There are numerous reasons working in a confined space more hazardous than working in other workspaces. For example:

  • The exit of the confined space might not allow the worker to get out in time should there be a flood or collapse of free-flowing solid.
  • The interior configuration of the confined space often does not allow easy movement of people or equipment within it – including when the worker needs to be rescued from the space.
  • The interior configuration of the confined space does not allow natural ventilation or it may not be sufficient to maintain breathable quality air.
  • Areas external to the confined space could impact on the conditions within the confined space – or vice versa.

It goes without saying that the training and licencing to prepare workers for this line of work is crucial to not only their success in gaining the role, but ensuring their safety is paramount.

Elevated Training can provide one-day training courses to obtain a licence for entering and working in confined spaces. The course fee is $300 – or $270 if you book online.

Contact us today and learn how you can get the right training to enter this line of work, and understand what’s required to ensure your safety on the job.