Month: July 2017

Unleash your earning capacity with an EWP+11m course

elevated work platform

If you work in the construction industry, you know that there are potential safety hazards everywhere, especially if you lack the knowledge required to effectively operate machinery.

Have you ever considered boosting your earning capacity with an additional qualification? Elevated Training can help you with our extensive three-day training course. Our practical training is delivered with a hands-on approach.

This training is a legal requirement for anyone needing to operate an Elevated Work Platform 11 meters and over in their work environment. This often includes employment in the resources and infrastructure industries.

There are also those who may find that this qualification can boost their career, for example, labourers, electricians, roofers, sheet metal workers, arborists, building and civil construction workers, and in some cases, even painters, sign makers, solar installers and window cleaners.

This is an extremely valuable qualification and the training we can offer you is comprehensive and affordable, with our newly acquired EWP+11m machine.

So, what can you expect to learn in this course?

We will cover topics such as legislation, types and uses of EWPs, Job safety & risk analysis, inspection and pre-operational checks, safety harness, safety/warning decal interpretation, set up and operation of EWP, emergency procedures and the shutdown of EWP.

Once completing this course, you will receive a statement of attainment, and this achievement will allow you to apply for a national license to perform high risk work (class WP).

To be eligible for this course you must be over 18 years, have a solid comprehension of English and understand technical concepts.

Join us for a 3-day course in operating any elevated work platform over 11 meters from just $495*.

*for online bookings

Safety is everyone’s business

workplace health and safety

For anyone who applies for a role on a worksite; whether it be in mining, construction or an agricultural field; your task is not only to operate the machinery you’re qualified to use – but also to do so in a safe manner.

This is not only crucial for your own personal safety, but also for that of everyone around you.

Similarly, Human Resource (HR) Managers for manufacturing and construction sites, transport and mining companies, or rural workplaces should have a comprehensive understanding of each ticket and the associated risks operating the machinery to avoid occupational accidents and hazards.

This means they could have to learn about forklifts, EWPs, bobcats, excavators, skid steers… you name it! All so they can understand the risks and the safety protocols to mitigate those risks.

First and foremost, this is for the safety of staff; however it’s also to ensure the organisation is compliant with Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations.

At Elevated Training, we don’t just provide exceptional training for workers seeking licensing and log book hours, but we also provide training, advice and support to HR professionals.

We can provide theoretical training components for HR managers to gain a wider understanding of the various licenses and the best practices for mitigating risk in the workplace.

In the unfortunate event there is an accident on site; managers need to be able to prove that every reasonable step was taken to ensure the competency of workers and that WHS practices were followed diligently.

Understanding licencing, and the various WHS practices that come with each, helps a business remain compliant across the board and avoid hefty fines of up to $20,000.

To ensure your duty of care requirements are met, Elevated Training can provide the professional advice you need to ensure workers on your site operate machinery correctly and safely.

If you want to keep on top of the various tickets held by your staff and the safety procedures to suit, call us today and we’ll tailor training and advice to your individual needs.

Secure a council job with a grader license

grader ticket

Graders are commonly used for the cutting, spreading and levelling of materials such as gravel, soil, mineral deposits and coal.

They can also be used for ditching, scarifying soil and the cutting of bank canals.

Through acquiring a grader ticket, you would be qualified for roles in industries such as mining, civil maintenance and construction.

Nearby councils such as Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Tweed Shire Council and City of Gold Coast rely on a vast number of grader plant operators – particularly for civil maintenance on local drains and roads.

Being employed by council, or local government, often has a number of benefits including generous employer funded superannuation benefits, fortnightly RDOs and excellent working conditions.

If you’re particularly interested in securing a job with your local council, a grader license is an extremely valuable certification to have, and the training is easy and affordable.

Elevated Training specialises in plant operation tickets, which means you’ll get the best training to gain the competencies and the best preparation for safe operation during your new line of work.

We run a two-day course on Thursday to Friday providing the skills and knowledge required to conduct grader operations.

It’s just $800 to complete the course, and you’ll come out fully licensed and able to:

  • Plan and prepare for grader operations
  • Drive and operate grader
  • Carry our operator maintenance
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

At Elevated Training, we offer other courses for other plants that come hand in hand with council jobs, such as skid steer or bobcat, excavator, backhoe or loader operations.

We can help get you fully certified with everything from the formal training, to log book and onsite training for you to gain the skills and qualifications to operate on your own.

Our qualified trainers and assessors have years of experience in multiple industry sectors, and deliver courses with a light-hearted, yet direct approach.

Contact us today, or book your course online and receive 10% off your course fee.