Month: July 2018

Elevated Training Courses Support Female Equality in the Workforce

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The Australian Government recently released a report on Gender Pay Gap Statistics which highlighted the difference in pay for male and female roles in construction. It was revealed that over a period of a year, from November 2016 to November 2017, women earned 20.2% less than their male counterparts.

Factors Influencing the Gender Pay Gap

The report incorporated findings from both the public and private sectors and identified the pay gap was influenced by several factors including:
• There was a definite bias and discrimination with hiring and salaries between men and women
• With women and men working in different industries, the more female-dominated industries received lower wages
• Women were given a higher share of domestic and unpaid work
• For women who had more time away from the workplace, career progression and opportunities were more limited.

Elevated Training Supports Women Achieving Equal Rights and Pay

Elevated Training is dedicated to empowering women in construction and related industries receive the training they need to reach their full potential and be rewarded with equal rights and pay to their male counterparts. All courses are tailored to equally accommodate the training needs of both men and women in these industries, with Saturday training available for women who can’t attend training Monday to Friday due to work or personal commitments.

The registered training organisation (RTO) has both male and female trainers running their courses who are industry experienced and understand every student has different learning needs, with some requiring more one-on-one training. All trainers believe in gender equality and providing a supportive, non-discriminatory learning environment where women will feel comfortable learning at their own pace.

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Secure your White Card with Same Day Training

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With the constant demand for workers in construction, it’s a good time to complete white card training and start a new career. White card training is critical to prepare you for the hazards involved in this high-risk industry, and under Australian OH&S law, it’s mandatory.

Face-To-Face Training

Elevated Training offers same day white card training at all of their 3 sites ranging from Miami on the Gold Coast through to Brendale and Meadowbrook in Brisbane. If it’s more convenient, training can also be completed onsite. The comprehensive face-to-face training is conducted by trainers with extensive experience in the construction industry and has been tailored to suit different learning styles. Elevated Training collaborated with specialist teachers, employers, union and industry representatives to develop the course, which incorporates all facets of health and safety. To complete the training, students must firstly produce ID requirements totaling 100 points.

Individual or Group Training Available

White card training and induction can be completed in as little as 6 hours. The first stage of training involves identifying and understanding all workplace health and safety (WHS) legislation, as well as construction hazards and industry controls. It then progresses to cover WHS communication and reporting principles and finally all incident and emergency response procedures.

Elevated Training offers both individual and group general white card training and induction. As a registered training organisation (RTO), Elevated Training is certified to send a representative onsite to assist construction companies with training their staff already employed in operational construction zones. All applicants who successfully complete the white card training and induction will receive certification including a WorkCover Statement of Training and corresponding WHS induction construction card, as well as a statement of attainment.

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