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Online White Cards no longer available in Queensland

White Card training

Concerned about the quality of online training, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has advised that all induction training needs to be delivered face-to-face by a registered training organisation (RTO) from 2019.

For residents of QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA & NT online White Card courses will no longer be available. To complete an induction course and receive a White Card, courses will need to be attended in your respective State.

Elevated Training delivers a range of nationally recognised licences including White Card training, and a variety of services to assist sites in meeting workplace health and safety obligations.

In line with the new requirements we provide a full-service training solution where we come to you at multiple sites or locations. There is no travel for your employees and training can be structured in a way to suit the needs of your business or department with no downtime.

Individuals and groups are also welcome to visit our live site training facilities that operate throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and Sunshine Coast, as well as various locations across New South Wales and Queensland.

Contact us today to ask a question about our courses and training methods.

We come to your workplace

workplace training

One of the many things we do to improve productivity in your workplace is provide a full-service training solution where we come to you at multiple sites or locations. There is no travel for your employees and training can be structured in a way to suit the needs of your business or department with no downtime.

Elevated Training provide both the theory component and the practical training required to complete the competency test allowing staff to be trained on their own workplace machinery. This training method is the least distributive to any business, and as all machines are slightly different, it’s the most practical way.When it comes to forklift licenses, one of our time saving strategies is to get the experienced licence holders to supervise the log book hours of the less experienced drivers enabling them to be equipped with the right practical knowledge whilst they work.

Some of the training courses Elevated deliver to your workplace are:

  • LF Forklift
  • LO Forklift
  • High Reach Forklift
  • Operate Elevating Work Platform (11+)
  • Overseas Licences
  • Expired Licences
  • Enter and work in confined spaces
  • Working safely at heights
  • Logbook LF
  • Logbook LF

Elevated training can come to your workplace to provide training for 1 to 30 employees. With 20 years plus in the vocational training industry with experience across multiple industry sectors our training methods consider the industry sector and tailor the delivery to suit. Whether it be rural, transport or manufacturing, our training will cover practical knowledge geared toward the industry. Relevant training delivered at your workplace – that’s the Elevated difference.

With so many ways to ensure your staff are meeting Workplace Health and Safety legislation contact Elevated Training today for a training schedule to suit your business today.

New Evening Course Times Released


Elevated Training are always listening to their students’ needs and having more flexible training times is always on the list. We are proud to deliver on those requests by providing evening classes starting at both 4pm and 6pm twice a month. It’s never been easier for you to get equipped with the right licensing to get that pay rise.

Not only have do we have more courses on offer at more convenient times we are have upgraded our training facilities at Meadowbrook with a modern new fit out. Boasting state of the art training facilities with air conditioning, large 65 inch plasma screen and fast WIFI to ensure a comfortable and relaxed training environment.

With new machinery and the latest RTO software, Elevated Training is leading the way. We have machines onsite, own them and have them available 24/7 if need be. Our competitors can’t offer this because of their limited investment and structure.

Located at two handy locations we offer a live site training experience with onsite training provided for groups or companies wanting to minimise work disruption.

Elevated offer tailored, flexible solutions for both once off training and ongoing training.

How you do Elevated deliver training differently?

  • Solid training calendar which runs regardless of numbers
  • Consistency and guaranteed classes
  • Day and night courses
  • Night course starting at 6pm twice a week
  • Experienced trainers
  • Commitment to desired outcomes
  • Tailored extra training models, extra drive days, extra theory where it is identified
  • High success rate

Experience training the Elevated way, give us a (07)5524 5925 to secure your spot or book online to receive a 10% discount. That’s a saving of up to $55! What are you waiting for?

Why Elevated Training is a Preferred Provider of Working at Heights Training

Working at heights

While it can be difficult to choose which registered training organisation (RTO) to enroll with for working at heights training, here are the reasons why Elevated Training is recognised as a preferred provider, industry-wide.

Working Knowledge of Height Safety

Elevated Training has developed their height safety training to go above-and-beyond their competitors to offer students an in-depth, hands-on working knowledge of best practices for height safety protocols when handling equipment.

Increased Knowledge Leads to Smarter Decisions

By having a more in-depth knowledge of these protocols this leads to making smarter decisions when working-at-heights. This increased knowledge correlates to choosing the right procedures and equipment, which ultimately saves your life on the work site. Not only will this knowledge save your life, it also results in a higher level of efficiency. Which means there’s less time spent scratching your head and more time allocated to doing those important tasks that convert to making higher profit margins.

Fully Equipped with the Skills You Need

Elevated Training will equip you with the skills you need to perform your role safely and efficiently, nothing more, nothing less. By providing working-at-heights training that’s straightforward and simple and cuts through all the confusion that’s caused by compliant paperwork, you’ll be industry ready to perform your role safely and competently. You’ll also receive concise, easy-to-comprehend working documents that will inspire you on your career path, that have been sourced directly from those working hands-on in your industry and not behind an office desk.

To find out more about what’s involved with Elevated Training’s working-at-heights course, contact the friendly team today on (07) 55 245 925. You will also receive a 10% discount by enrolling in the training online and you can claim back your course as it’s tax deductible.

Elevated Training Courses Support Female Equality in the Workforce

construction training

The Australian Government recently released a report on Gender Pay Gap Statistics which highlighted the difference in pay for male and female roles in construction. It was revealed that over a period of a year, from November 2016 to November 2017, women earned 20.2% less than their male counterparts.

Factors Influencing the Gender Pay Gap

The report incorporated findings from both the public and private sectors and identified the pay gap was influenced by several factors including:
• There was a definite bias and discrimination with hiring and salaries between men and women
• With women and men working in different industries, the more female-dominated industries received lower wages
• Women were given a higher share of domestic and unpaid work
• For women who had more time away from the workplace, career progression and opportunities were more limited.

Elevated Training Supports Women Achieving Equal Rights and Pay

Elevated Training is dedicated to empowering women in construction and related industries receive the training they need to reach their full potential and be rewarded with equal rights and pay to their male counterparts. All courses are tailored to equally accommodate the training needs of both men and women in these industries, with Saturday training available for women who can’t attend training Monday to Friday due to work or personal commitments.

The registered training organisation (RTO) has both male and female trainers running their courses who are industry experienced and understand every student has different learning needs, with some requiring more one-on-one training. All trainers believe in gender equality and providing a supportive, non-discriminatory learning environment where women will feel comfortable learning at their own pace.

Contact Elevated Training today to find out more about the courses they offer by calling (07) 55 245 925 or enrol online and receive a 10% discount.

Secure your White Card with Same Day Training

white card

With the constant demand for workers in construction, it’s a good time to complete white card training and start a new career. White card training is critical to prepare you for the hazards involved in this high-risk industry, and under Australian OH&S law, it’s mandatory.

Face-To-Face Training

Elevated Training offers same day white card training at all of their 3 sites ranging from Miami on the Gold Coast through to Brendale and Meadowbrook in Brisbane. If it’s more convenient, training can also be completed onsite. The comprehensive face-to-face training is conducted by trainers with extensive experience in the construction industry and has been tailored to suit different learning styles. Elevated Training collaborated with specialist teachers, employers, union and industry representatives to develop the course, which incorporates all facets of health and safety. To complete the training, students must firstly produce ID requirements totaling 100 points.

Individual or Group Training Available

White card training and induction can be completed in as little as 6 hours. The first stage of training involves identifying and understanding all workplace health and safety (WHS) legislation, as well as construction hazards and industry controls. It then progresses to cover WHS communication and reporting principles and finally all incident and emergency response procedures.

Elevated Training offers both individual and group general white card training and induction. As a registered training organisation (RTO), Elevated Training is certified to send a representative onsite to assist construction companies with training their staff already employed in operational construction zones. All applicants who successfully complete the white card training and induction will receive certification including a WorkCover Statement of Training and corresponding WHS induction construction card, as well as a statement of attainment.

Contact Elevated Training today to find out more about the course on (07) 55 245 925 or enrol online to receive a 10% discount.

Get a Tax Break by Enrolling in a Course with Elevated Training Now!

forklift training

By enrolling in a course with Elevated Training before the 30th June 2018, you’ll not only increase your earning potential, you’ll also save on the tax you’re paying as our courses are 100% tax deductible. We offer a wide range of courses with industry experienced trainers. Our courses are nationally recognised and will prepare you for a broad scope of career opportunities. Some of the courses we offer are as follows:

License to Operate a Forklift Truck (LF)

This course will teach you every aspect of forklift truck operations and you’ll also acquire a high-risk license, in conjunction with your forklift license.

License to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck (LO)

As well as training you on how to operate a standard forklift, by completing this course you’ll also learn how to operate an order picking forklift and receive a high-risk license.

License to Operate a High Reach Forklift

Our license to operate a high reach forklift is a more advanced course in forklift training which requires a current LF license.

Operate Elevating Work Platform

By completing this course you’ll gain the skills and knowledge required to operate an elevated work platform in the infrastructure and resources industries, along with obtaining a high-risk license.

Enter and Work in Confined Spaces

This course will teach you everything you need to know about working in confined spaces in the resources and infrastructure industries.

Working Safely at Heights

Our Working Safely at Heights course will equip you with crucial knowledge on how to navigate heights in the resources and infrastructure industries.

Conduct Operations for Skid Steer Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Graders, Backhoe/Loader and Wheel Loader

We offer a wide selection of heavy machinery operating courses that teach you preparation for operations, operating procedures, housekeeping and machinery maintenance

Start a new career in the new financial year by booking a course with Elevated Training now! If you enroll online, you’ll also save 10%. Call us now on (07) 55 245 925 to find out more.


Importance of Safety Construction Licenses

working safely at heights

If you consider the Federal Government statistics for 2018, that there have already been 10 worker deaths in construction year-to date, you can understand the importance of being trained and licensed in construction if you are considering a career in this field. Common safety training courses that employers in construction expect when assessing prospective employees for hiring to work onsite include: Working Safely at Heights and Enter and Work in Confined Space Training.

Construction industry one of Australia’s most dangerous sectors

The construction industry in Australia continues to be one of its biggest employers, offering a vast range of work opportunities, but the downside to this industry is it’s also recognised as one of the most dangerous. As workers are around heavy machinery on a regular basis, as well as in and around trenches, crawl spaces and drainage pipes or up on scaffolding, it’s no wonder that this sectors fatality rate is close to double the national average, sitting third highest in Safe Work Australia’s national statistics.

What’s involved with working safely at heights and confined space training?

Both of these safety construction licenses are intensive but only run for a duration of one day, so even if you are working or have a busy lifestyle you should be able to fit these into your schedule. The Enter and Worked in Confined Spaces training teaches you everything you need to know to plan, enter and work safely in confined spaces, as well as how to exit the space, leaving the area tidy to avoid accidents. With Working Safely at Heights Training you are trained on identifying all work requirements and procedures, accessing and installing equipment and performing work safely at heights, along with tips on cleaning up the area once your work is completed.

If you’re wanting to work in construction you can organise to do your Working Safely at Heights and Enter and Work in Confined Space Training through Elevated Training, a nationally recognised training provider. Find out more by contacting Elevated Training today on (07) 55 245 925.

What to expect in a career as a forklift driver


Once you get your forklift license there will be numerous opportunities for you to find work, particularly in factories and warehouses. To give you further insight into what to expect from a career as a forklift driver, we’ve provided some valuable background information on some of the generally duties forklift drivers do.

General duties of a forklift driver

If you’re a forklift driver in a factory or warehouse, you will normally be responsible for receiving all inbound stock, as well as packing it away. Other tasks that normally fall under this role are picking and packing of orders for customers. In order to keep the warehouse or factory’s inventory correct, you will also have to enter the delivery slips and the invoices into the computer. For safety and general housekeeping, forklift drivers are often expected to do some basic cleaning duties around the warehouse or factory too.

Inventory management using a radio frequency scanner

Part of inventory management as a forklift driver involves using a radio frequency scanner to scan items on pallets. Generally, when goods are received you will scan each barcode to enter the goods into the computer system and check to see if the goods received match the order that has been dispatched to you from the supplier. Often, locations in the warehouse are also allocated a barcode so you can match where the items you are scanning in are meant to be stored, streamlining the process to make it quicker and easier.

These are some of the main duties you will normally expect from a career as a forklift driver. If this interests you, contact Elevated Training today to complete forklift driver training and receive your forklift license.


Benefits of having an EWP Licence

ewp licence

As it’s getting harder and harder for those interested in breaking into construction to find work in this industry, securing an elevated work platform (EWP) licence can often be the point of difference for job seekers wanting to secure a role over the competition.

Why an EWP license is so valuable in construction

Elevated work platforms are very common on construction sites to support equipment, materials and workers when working at heights. Depending on the construction project, these can range from self-propelled scissor lifts and boom lifts through to truck or trailer mounted EWPs.

It’s critical for the safety of everyone onsite for elevated work platforms to be operated by someone who is fully licensed, so they have the knowledge and experience to safely navigate different terrains and conditions, such as limited access areas.

Avoid accidents onsite with EWP training and licensing

Deaths in construction have been recorded from improper operation of EWP platforms, commonly believed to have resulted from a lack of training. By undergoing EWP training and licensing through a nationally recognised training provider like Elevated Training, it can help stop further tragedies occurring on construction sites.

What’s involved with EWP training and licensing

EWP training and licensing teaches individuals how to safely operate electrical, hydraulic and mechanical elevated work platforms in a range of environments and conditions. The training includes supporting personnel, equipment and materials while operating EWPs, so individuals become competent in a broad scope of situations. From relocation and set-up through to onsite operations and shutting down of equipment, EWP training and licensing is very comprehensive.

Contact Elevated Training about EWP training and licensing

For further information about EWP training and licensing for working in construction and many other industries contact Elevated Training today on (07) 55 245 925.