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First Aid Basics – Protect Yourself and Your Team

No matter how many health and safety procedures your employment has in place, there is always still a risk of accidents happening in the workplace. Some emergencies are unavoidable and can cause injury to employees and damage to business property, so it’s a good idea to be prepared by learning some basic principles of first aid or attending a course.

A first aid course will train you how to respond to life threatening situations, call for medical assistance, perform effective resuscitation and communicate details of any incidents. Giving you the skills and knowledge to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies, you can learn how to protect not just adults but also children. Your training may also come in handy outside of the workplace in the case of an accident.

You should choose a nationally recognised course from a registered training organisation such as St John Ambulance Queensland. As a general rule, there should be one first aider for every 25 workers in high risk workplaces such as construction sites and manufacturing factories. Depending on your workplace, you will need to consider all potential hazards inside and outside of your premises.

Teams that work in high risk workplaces are most vulnerable to accidental injury due to the dangerous tasks involved on a daily basis. Jobs where you may be exposed to risks and hazards include operating machinery such as forklift trucks and elevated platforms, agricultural chemicals, working at heights and extreme heat or cold. These types of roles in particular require a certified first aider to be on-site at all times.

By keeping a first aid box in an easily accessible place, you will be able to rapidly treat any injuries or illnesses in your place of work. These should also be stored inside work vehicles if you or your team travels as part of your employment. For more information on first aid or safety training, contact the Elevated Training team.

Construction Salaries – Could You Be Earning More?

Every construction business has its own requirements and guidelines for rates of pay, but some jobs in particular will always pay higher than others. Certain qualifications and training will also guarantee better employment opportunities and increased wages. We’ve put together a brief guide to the top salaries in the industry…

Jobs with the greatest amount of responsibility are often rewarded with high earnings, which is why it’s no surprise that project managers are among the highest paid employees in the field. With wages ranging from $90,000 to a huge $280,000 a year, it’s their job to efficiently plan and organise everything down to the tiniest detail with no room for error.

Those qualified to work with high risk equipment and in dangerous environments are also likely to secure greater pay rates due to the hazardous nature of their jobs. Crane, hoist and lift operators are a close second, with an average salary of $104,023. Other well-paid roles include air transport controllers, mining professionals and engineers, who can similar rates depending on their experience.

The good news is trade workers are now in higher demand than staff members that are qualified to bachelor degree level. But with the construction industry growing at an incredible rate in Australia, many of the workers searching for these jobs lack the relevant skills to apply. With a huge number of construction courses, licences and qualifications available in Queensland, it’s important to find the best instructors and trainers who can equip tradesmen with better skills than the competition.

Elevated Training offers a comprehensive range of courses from fully accredited instructors and facilities. As a festive gift to our new and existing customers, we are offering a special Christmas promotion to help workers in the construction industry achieve their goals through leading training services. Look out for more information soon! To learn more about the services we offer, view our all of our courses here.