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Benefits of having an EWP Licence

ewp licence

As it’s getting harder and harder for those interested in breaking into construction to find work in this industry, securing an elevated work platform (EWP) licence can often be the point of difference for job seekers wanting to secure a role over the competition.

Why an EWP license is so valuable in construction

Elevated work platforms are very common on construction sites to support equipment, materials and workers when working at heights. Depending on the construction project, these can range from self-propelled scissor lifts and boom lifts through to truck or trailer mounted EWPs.

It’s critical for the safety of everyone onsite for elevated work platforms to be operated by someone who is fully licensed, so they have the knowledge and experience to safely navigate different terrains and conditions, such as limited access areas.

Avoid accidents onsite with EWP training and licensing

Deaths in construction have been recorded from improper operation of EWP platforms, commonly believed to have resulted from a lack of training. By undergoing EWP training and licensing through a nationally recognised training provider like Elevated Training, it can help stop further tragedies occurring on construction sites.

What’s involved with EWP training and licensing

EWP training and licensing teaches individuals how to safely operate electrical, hydraulic and mechanical elevated work platforms in a range of environments and conditions. The training includes supporting personnel, equipment and materials while operating EWPs, so individuals become competent in a broad scope of situations. From relocation and set-up through to onsite operations and shutting down of equipment, EWP training and licensing is very comprehensive.

Contact Elevated Training about EWP training and licensing

For further information about EWP training and licensing for working in construction and many other industries contact Elevated Training today on (07) 55 245 925.

Training Your Way

EWP+11m Training

At Elevated Training we understand how fast paced lifestyles are these days, with most people juggling busy careers and personal commitments, which is why we offer training your way. Specialising in nationally recognised courses for forklift training/license and high-risk training/license, we can provide training on site or at one of our training facilities in Brisbane, Northern Rivers, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

Individual or Group Training

Whether you’re wanting individual training to embark on a new career path or you have a group of employees requiring EWP training, forklift training, working at heights or confined space training, we offer a broad scope of courses and will arrange training to fit your schedule.

Experienced Trainers and Assessors

Our trainers and assessors are some of the best the industry has to offer, with many years personal experience working in the roles and industries in which they’ve been carefully selected as educators. We also don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and will tailor training courses for the needs of both workplaces and individual learning demands.

Practical Training Solutions

Our courses are designed to provide training that’s practical and industry relevant, so students can competently handle the demands of the roles in which they’ll be working.  We focus on real-life situations and hands-on training, which we’ve proven delivers consistent results every-time. From transport and warehousing to construction and heavy machinery operation, we customise our courses to most efficiently fulfil the requirements of your industry.

To discover more about our forklift training/license, high risk training/license or any other courses we have available contact us today on (07) 5524 5925. If you are wanting more specialised individual or group training we can provide the ideal solution for an affordable price. You can also forward any queries by email via our contact page.

The difference between working safely at heights and EWP tickets


EWP tickets are licences to operate Elevated Work Platforms.

The nature of this title can often confuse new people entering the industry, with an alternate qualification – working safely at heights.

While the work platforms are elevated, and some above 11m, the skills and understanding required to operate them is different to learning to perform work at varying heights in the workplace.

Working safely at heights courses instill you with the knowledge and precautions for instances in the workplace where you’d be stepping up onto a ladder, for example, and focuses on fall prevention.

Whereas elevated work platforms, such as scissor lifts, require training that prepares the worker to operate the machinery – which also happens to elevate to higher levels in the workplace.

There’s also a different licence required again for working with elevated work platforms over 11m.

At Elevated Training, we specialise in these courses with training fees as little as $300.

Working safely at heights is an important ticket to obtain when you’re looking to work on construction sites, or in the logistics, resources and infrastructure industries.

We offer one-day courses with the training you need to become qualified with a Working Safely at Heights licence for just $300.

Tickets to operate Elevated Work Platforms are also a one-day course which we run weekly on Saturdays for the same fee of $300.

In this course, you learn not only to plan and prepare for operation, but also to conduct work activities with the platform and carry out routine maintenance and the likes.

The other course for Operating Elevated Work Platforms – 11m and over – is a three-day training course for $495.

In this course, you will also gain a High Risk Work license, which not only aids you in acquiring a number of other qualifications but also opens you up to the possibility of a higher salary as a high risk work operator.

For more information about these courses and which one you need, give us a call on (07) 5524 5925.