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More tickets, more employable

Forklift Training Brisbane

Regardless of your previous work experience, there’s no doubt that having extra qualifications can make you far more employable to your future manager or employer.

Elevated Training can provide forklift training, high risk licensing and more so you’ve got all the appropriate accreditation to get new work.

We offer forklift classroom training where you can start from scratch to get the skills for the licence you need and be competent to work in a safe manner on the worksite.

Elevated Training can get you enrolled, trained and legally prepared to work operating a:

• Forklift (LF),
• Order picking forklift (LO),
• Skid steer or bobcat,
• Excavator,
• Grader,
• Backhoe,
• Loader, or
• Scissor lift

We also have courses for entering and working in confined spaces, working safely at heights and operating elevating work platforms over 11 metres.

If you’ve already got a job operating a forklift or similar, but you want to broaden the scope of jobs you can work on, gaining extra qualifications is a perfect way to be more employable in the industry.

The skills to operate the above trucks and machinery are often transferable to different machines, however the ticket isn’t. But getting the extra piece of paper is quick and easy.

Completing a brief course with Elevated Training allows you to be formally qualified to fulfil new roles that come hand in hand with the line of work you already do, or want to expand into.

Or if you’re completely new to the industry, the connections of our trainers and assessors may even help you get a foot in the door somewhere to kick-start your career once you’ve gained your new qualifications.

Our courses are affordable and best of all; we can provide after-hour or weekend training so you don’t miss out on work during the process.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you become more employable.

Why refresher training is required for forklift tickets and the likes

Forklift training meadowbrook

In the construction, resources and logistics industries the various licencing obtained to operate trucks and machinery are quite different to your regular car licence.

Rather than doing the testing and gaining a licence for several decades to come, the operators will frequently require refresher training in order to be compliant with Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations.

Having a licence or forklift ticket is no longer the adequate measure of workers’ abilities to perform their tasks and operate machinery unless it is coupled with ongoing refresher training.

And under Australian legislation, it is up to the employer to provide refresher training as part of their duty of care for workers who operate a forklift, order picker forklift and elevated work platforms such as the boom lift, scissor lift and vertical lift.

So as the employer or manager of a worksite, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that the skills of staff working on site are up-to-date.

Annual training is the best way to consistently ensure your staff are still operating equipment safely and productively and that your business is complying with its legal obligations.

To ensure your duty of care requirements are met, Elevated Training can provide refresher training, which is also known as ‘Verification of Competency’, to validate your staffs’ abilities to undertake the responsibilities of their roles.

Elevated Training can come to your worksite and provide forklift and machinery refresher courses to your entire team to avoid shutting down production at your site.

We effectively deliver nationally recognised courses that comply with WHS regulations, while also tailoring them to meet the needs of specific work environments.

Elevated Training also provides a holistic approach to getting your staff qualified with everything from the formal training to log book and driving, to onsite training until competency is achieved.

Contact us online today and find out how you can keep compliant and get 10% off group training fees.