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Get a Tax Break by Enrolling in a Course with Elevated Training Now!

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By enrolling in a course with Elevated Training before the 30th June 2018, you’ll not only increase your earning potential, you’ll also save on the tax you’re paying as our courses are 100% tax deductible. We offer a wide range of courses with industry experienced trainers. Our courses are nationally recognised and will prepare you for a broad scope of career opportunities. Some of the courses we offer are as follows:

License to Operate a Forklift Truck (LF)

This course will teach you every aspect of forklift truck operations and you’ll also acquire a high-risk license, in conjunction with your forklift license.

License to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck (LO)

As well as training you on how to operate a standard forklift, by completing this course you’ll also learn how to operate an order picking forklift and receive a high-risk license.

License to Operate a High Reach Forklift

Our license to operate a high reach forklift is a more advanced course in forklift training which requires a current LF license.

Operate Elevating Work Platform

By completing this course you’ll gain the skills and knowledge required to operate an elevated work platform in the infrastructure and resources industries, along with obtaining a high-risk license.

Enter and Work in Confined Spaces

This course will teach you everything you need to know about working in confined spaces in the resources and infrastructure industries.

Working Safely at Heights

Our Working Safely at Heights course will equip you with crucial knowledge on how to navigate heights in the resources and infrastructure industries.

Conduct Operations for Skid Steer Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Graders, Backhoe/Loader and Wheel Loader

We offer a wide selection of heavy machinery operating courses that teach you preparation for operations, operating procedures, housekeeping and machinery maintenance

Start a new career in the new financial year by booking a course with Elevated Training now! If you enroll online, you’ll also save 10%. Call us now on (07) 55 245 925 to find out more.


What to expect in a career as a forklift driver


Once you get your forklift license there will be numerous opportunities for you to find work, particularly in factories and warehouses. To give you further insight into what to expect from a career as a forklift driver, we’ve provided some valuable background information on some of the generally duties forklift drivers do.

General duties of a forklift driver

If you’re a forklift driver in a factory or warehouse, you will normally be responsible for receiving all inbound stock, as well as packing it away. Other tasks that normally fall under this role are picking and packing of orders for customers. In order to keep the warehouse or factory’s inventory correct, you will also have to enter the delivery slips and the invoices into the computer. For safety and general housekeeping, forklift drivers are often expected to do some basic cleaning duties around the warehouse or factory too.

Inventory management using a radio frequency scanner

Part of inventory management as a forklift driver involves using a radio frequency scanner to scan items on pallets. Generally, when goods are received you will scan each barcode to enter the goods into the computer system and check to see if the goods received match the order that has been dispatched to you from the supplier. Often, locations in the warehouse are also allocated a barcode so you can match where the items you are scanning in are meant to be stored, streamlining the process to make it quicker and easier.

These are some of the main duties you will normally expect from a career as a forklift driver. If this interests you, contact Elevated Training today to complete forklift driver training and receive your forklift license.


Using your existing skills to fast track your training

expired forklift licence

If you are an existing forklift licensee, Elevated Training are able to use your overseas license or expired card to fast track your licencing and get you fully accredited in no time.

Elevated Training can provide forklift training, high risk licensing and refresher courses so you’ve got the appropriate accreditation to stay on the job or to find new work in Australia.

For new workers obtaining LF or LO tickets, we typically provide 3-day training courses for a base fee of $475.

However, with your recognised prior learning (RPL) at play, we can run you through all of the necessary licensing requirements for either ticket for just $350.

If you have previously held an Australian forklift licence, it is just a matter of attending a brief four-hour session to refresh your training, verify your competency and renew your licence.

Or, if you hold existing overseas licences, it is simply a 1-day course you need to attend so we can educate you on best practice and make sure you are up to speed with Australia’s Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) rules and regulations.

It is incredibly difficult to break into the industry or gain new work in Australia when you’re unlicensed or your licence is no longer valid… But thanks to Elevated Training, the process of getting qualified is the easy part.

So whether you’ve got an expired licence or a relevant licences in New Zealand, you can use your fundamental skills and experience to fast track your training and be accredited in no time.

Elevated Training provides a wide range of vocational training for forklift tickets, EWP licenses and more.

To ensure you’re fully qualified with a current license, that’s eligible in Australia, contact us for all your training, log book and licensing needs.

Log Your Training Hours Through Us

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Starting a career in the manufacturing or agricultural industries can seem quite challenging when you don’t have the right training and qualifications to get your foot in the door.

Being a reliable and hard worker will go a long way in these lines of work, but with strict Work Health and Safety laws in place, employers will only consider you if you have all the necessary licensing and experience.

For the vast majority of new workers trying to break into the industry, the biggest challenge when it comes to getting a forklift ticket – or licenses to operate other machinery like bobcats, excavators and steer graders – is needing to understand both theoretical and practical components in order to become fully qualified.

Most jobs in the farming or building sectors will require a ticket and logged hours using specific machinery, and when you haven’t ever worked on a site to gain that experience – it can be quite a challenge.

But the solution is simple.

Elevated Training can open up our live training site to show you how to operate the gear in a practical setting.

Starting from scratch isn’t as daunting as it seems when we can provide you with straightforward classroom and worksite training where you can get the all skills you need in the one place.

You can gain hands-on experience operating various machinery and log training hours using our equipment and be fully prepared for your desired job.

We also offer after-hour and weekend training so you can gain the right experience at times that suit your current working schedule.

What’s more – the trainers and assessors at Elevated Training have a wealth of experience working in various sectors, so our industry connections may even help to kick start your career.

So if you’re seeking out ways to log hours on new machinery for your next job, call Elevated Training today.

3 steps to ensure you’re compliant with Workplace Health and Safety regulations

workplace health & safety

In the unfortunate event there is an accident on site, would you be confident that you took every reasonable step to ensure the competency of your workers?

If not, you could be facing prosecution, a hefty fine of up to $20,000 – or even worse – one of your staff could be seriously injured.

Here are three simple steps to comply with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and above all, keep your team safe:

1. Ensure staff are licensed to fulfil their role

There are a number of different licenses relevant so any given worksite, so it’s important that your workers hold the appropriate tickets for their role.

Whether it’s a standard forklift ticket and High Risk Work license, working at heights, or operating machinery such as bobcats, graders and excavators – make sure you as the manager are across the relevant licensing that must be held by your workers for each individual role.

2. Ensure licensed staff are still competent in their field

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that the skills of staff working on site are up-to-date.

To ensure your duty of care requirements are met, Elevated Training can provide refresher training, which is also known as ‘Verification of Competency’, to validate your staffs’ abilities to undertake the responsibilities of their roles.

3. Have risk management protocols in place that eliminate or minimise health and safety risks.

Typical protocols include identifying hazards, assessing the risks, controlling risks and reviewing the control measures.

If you take the necessary precautions you can not only prevent workplace injuries for your staff and keep them out of harm’s way, but you’ll also be compliant with WHS and avoid unwanted fines.

Elevated Training can come to your worksite and provide forklift licencing and forklift refresher courses to your team to avoid taking your staff out of work or shutting down production.

Contact us today and find out how you can keep compliant and get discounted training fees.

The difference between LO and LF forklift tickets

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At Elevated Training, our experienced team provides a wide range of vocational training for forklift tickets, EWP licenses and more.

One of the most common questions we get asked with new workers entering the industry, as well as some seasoned workers, is “What’s the difference between the LO and LF forklift licences?”

The key component that differentiates an LO from an LF Licence is the type of vehicle the licence is intended for.

An LF licence allows you to operate any forklift truck, excluding a load-shifting order picking truck (or LO classified vehicle).

Whereas an LO licence will only qualify you to operate a load-shifting order picker and a “turret truck” – which is also known as a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) truck.

A standard forklift truck is equipped with a pair of fork arms that can be raised from 9m above the ground, making it easier to transfer heavy or multiple packaged items in a warehouse setting.

The forklift is operated from the driver’s seat and steering wheel and doesn’t require the driver to be elevated at any point or attached to a harness.

The operation of an LO picking truck, on the other hand, requires the driver to wear a harness because the operator’s platform rises and lowers to enable the driver to pick stock at varying levels up to 10m.

If you’re looking to get work in a warehouse, transport or logistics role, either licence would be an ideal starting point to kick-start your career in the industry.

Elevated Training provides 3-day courses for either the LF or LO tickets for just $475.

Both courses will show you through how to plan work and conduct routine checks, shift loads, shut down and secure the forklift trucks, and they both equip you with a High Risk Work license.

In addition, the LO course simply specifies the skills and knowledge required to operate an order picking forklift where the operator controls elevate with the lifting media.

Call us today to enrol, or book online for 10% off your course fee.