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Elevating Work Platform Licence – Scale To New Salary Heights

Elevating Work Platform

If you’re into high-risks and high-flying, chances are you’re looking for a career that requires an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) licence. This is a type of High Risk Work (HRW) licence for jobs such as scaffolding, dogging and rigging, operating cranes, and driving forklift trucks and using hoists.

And the good news is, by choosing this high-risk type of employment, you’ll be compensated in an equally high manner too.

So, whether you’re an individual looking to train in this area or a company looking to educate or refresh its workers on EWPs, Elevated Training can help.

But first of all, what exactly is an elevating work platform? Generally, there are three types of EWP: vertical type, scissor type and boom type.

Vertical mast or personnel lifts come in two configurations. Both elevate using a telescopic mast in a vertical direction only. These lifts usually have limited capability in terms of weight and extension, and are most often used for internal maintenance tasks, such as changing light bulbs.

Scissor-type EWPs can only move in the vertical plane, elevating personnel, equipment and materials to carry out a task. As its name suggests, the scissor EWP operates by linked, folding supports in a criss-cross ‘X’ pattern.

Meanwhile, a boom-type EWP is described as a telescoping or hinged device used to support a platform or basket on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated. Boom types can be self-propelled, trailer mounted, truck mounted, and come with or without outriggers or stabilisers.

Elevated Training’s course, Operate Elevating Work Platform (11+), will touch on these applications and more. Essentially, it will see you gain the skills and knowledge to operate an elevating work platform in the resources and infrastructure industries.

The course will also cover elements like how to identify the ‘work steps’ involved in a job. For example, what are the job requirements, priorities, workplace rules and procedures, identifying hazards and control measures and workplace consultation.

As a high-risk job, safety is paramount when operating a EWP, and is covered in-depth with Elevated Training’s course. There have been many serious accidents where EWP operators have been trapped or crushed between the basket and overhead obstructions such as ceilings, beams and frameworks. The course will teach you how to mitigate these risks and carry out your job safely.

After completing the 3-day course you will gain both an EWP and HRW licence, which are not only stepping stones to acquiring a number of other qualifications but will open you up to earning a higher salary as a high-risk work operator.

Offering flexibility, the course can be completed during working hours, on the weekend or at night.

Elevated Training offers other courses including operating a forklift truck, operating an order-picking forklift truck; and operating a high-reach forklift. For more information on any of our courses, visit elevatedtraining.com.au or call (07) 55 245 925.


Forklift Course Comes With Extra High Risk Work Licence

Forklift licence

Forklift trucks are a huge part of everyday practice for many businesses and organisations within the trade industry. These high-powered trucks have a mast and an elevating load carriage, with fork arms for lifting heavy goods over short distances on-site and around warehouses. Most employers expect their workers in the field to own a forklift licence in order to legally carry out multiple tasks with the use of these trucks.

A forklift licence qualifies you to operate the machinery safely and effectively in the workplace. The course that we offer is undertaken over a period of three days and certifies you to use, maintain and store a forklift. Teaching you to effectively plan your work and conduct routine checks, we’ll also train you how to shift heavy loads, shut down the forklift and safely secure it when it is no longer needed.

Our forklift training comes with an additional high risk work licence, meaning you get two qualifications for the price of one! A HRW licence is required for specific jobs such as scaffolding, dogging and rigging, operating cranes, driving forklift trucks and using hoists, reach stackers and pressure equipment. Assisting you to achieve a number of other certifications, a HRW licence can also open up opportunities to earn a greater salary, due to the high risk nature of the work you are able to carry out.

Elevated Training delivers nationally recognised courses at live training sites located at Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We can also carry out on-site group training throughout Queensland, with our instructors and assessors able to visit you directly at your workplace. Find out more about our forklift truck licence or contact us for more information.