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New Brendale Location for more accessible Forklift, EWP & Heavy Machinery Training

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New Brendale Location for more accessible Forklift, EWP & Heavy Machinery Training

Due to growing demand in a wide range of industries for comprehensive EWP, forklift and heavy machinery training and licensing in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, Elevated Training are proud to announce our new training centre at Brendale. In conjunction with our other training centres at Burleigh Heads and Meadowbrook, our Brendale training centre will offer courses both on site and at the centre for your convenience. Our courses are nationally recognised and provide students with industry relevant, real world experience.

Increase in Gold Coast and in Brisbane jobs requiring LF, FO and High Reach Forklift Licences
There’s been a noticeable increase in jobs on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane that require either a LF, FO or High Reach forklift license. At present there are over 100 jobs on the Gold Coast alone requiring a forklift license and in Brisbane close to 900, which makes obtaining an LF, FO or High Reach license a smart investment.

Registered Training Organisation
Elevated Training is an industry and government recognised registered training organisation, so when you book in to complete a course through us you have peace-of-mind that the accreditation will be accepted for any job you apply for Australia-wide.

Simple and Easy Online Booking System
To ensure signing up for one of our training courses is a quick and easy process we have implemented a fast and efficient online booking system. Our new booking system is simple and uncomplicated, even for those who aren’t computer savvy.

Contact Elevated Training Now
If you’re interested in forklift, EWP or heavy machinery training and licensing in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast contact us now to find out more or book online and receive our current online booking special of 10 per cent off.

Prepare for the surge of warehouse jobs coming to our shores

High reach forklift training

The online retail giant Amazon is coming to Australia with plans to set up warehousing and distribution from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

While their first location hasn’t been decided, it could very well be in southeast Queensland, with talk of them seeking out a warehouse space of up to 93,000 square metres.

This means there’ll be a knock on effect of hundreds, if not thousands of new jobs – particularly in warehouse roles for forklift drivers, order pickers and so on.

At Elevated Training, we conduct 3-day courses for both the LF and LO forklift tickets for just $475.

An LF licence is to operate any forklift truck with moving fork arms, while an LO licence is to operate load-shifting order pickers – where the operator’s platform rises and lowers to pick stock at varying levels.

If you’re already working in the industry and are excited about these new job prospects, or perhaps you want to take on a warehouse role for the first time– it’s best to consider what skills and tickets that will be most sought after in Amazon’s new work centre.

Looking more specifically at a high reach (or industrial reach) forklift truck could be a great way for you to stand out from other applicants when applying for the new jobs.

High reach forklifts are instrumental for warehouse environments that have high storage pallet racking and a need for extended lift height, as well as narrow aisles.

Elevated Training provides straightforward classroom and worksite training for students to gain forklift licenses as well as hands-on experience and logbook hours using the equipment.

We even have a high reach truck on hand so you can gain more relevant forklift experience to your desired job, and can open up one of our live training sites to operate the truck in a practical setting.

Our experienced team provides a wide range of vocational training for forklift tickets, EWP licences and more at two locations – 80 Nestor Drive, Meadowbrook in Brisbane and 44 Hutchinson Street, Burleigh Heads.

Logging hours on reach forklift trucks just got easier

high reach forklift licence

If you’re seeking work in a warehousing environment, there are loads of forklift courses to enrol in for licensing (and loads of people who have their tickets).

To make yourself stand out for a role and be more employable across the board, it can be worthwhile to consider the specific types of machinery the employer is likely to use on their worksite.

For many warehouses – especially those with high rise storage pallet racking – a high reach (or industrial reach) forklift truck is used because of its ability to have an extended lift height.

Reach trucks are designed to work in narrow aisles and spaces (perfect for warehouse scenarios) and the driver sits sideways while operating the machine.

If you’re looking to get work in a warehouse, transport or logistics role, most jobs will require a ticket and logged hours using the appropriate machinery.

Elevated Training has a high reach truck available and can open up our live training site to show you how to operate the machine in a practical setting.

Learning how to operate forklifts, or reach trucks specifically, is simple through Elevated Training.

We provide straightforward classroom and worksite training so you can get the all skills you need in the one place and come out with all the formal licencing and accreditation.

You can gain hands-on experience operating various machinery and log training hours using our equipment and be fully prepared for your desired job.

Our experienced team provides a wide range of vocational training for forklift tickets, EWP licences and more.

All courses are tailored to suit various roles and industries, and we offer after-hour and weekend training to minimise disruption to your schedule.

If you think getting experience on a high reach forklift would be advantageous, call us today – or book online for 10% off your course fee.