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We come to your workplace

workplace training

One of the many things we do to improve productivity in your workplace is provide a full-service training solution where we come to you at multiple sites or locations. There is no travel for your employees and training can be structured in a way to suit the needs of your business or department with no downtime.

Elevated Training provide both the theory component and the practical training required to complete the competency test allowing staff to be trained on their own workplace machinery. This training method is the least distributive to any business, and as all machines are slightly different, it’s the most practical way.When it comes to forklift licenses, one of our time saving strategies is to get the experienced licence holders to supervise the log book hours of the less experienced drivers enabling them to be equipped with the right practical knowledge whilst they work.

Some of the training courses Elevated deliver to your workplace are:

  • LF Forklift
  • LO Forklift
  • High Reach Forklift
  • Operate Elevating Work Platform (11+)
  • Overseas Licences
  • Expired Licences
  • Enter and work in confined spaces
  • Working safely at heights
  • Logbook LF
  • Logbook LF

Elevated training can come to your workplace to provide training for 1 to 30 employees. With 20 years plus in the vocational training industry with experience across multiple industry sectors our training methods consider the industry sector and tailor the delivery to suit. Whether it be rural, transport or manufacturing, our training will cover practical knowledge geared toward the industry. Relevant training delivered at your workplace – that’s the Elevated difference.

With so many ways to ensure your staff are meeting Workplace Health and Safety legislation contact Elevated Training today for a training schedule to suit your business today.

Workplace Training

workplace training

Prior to gaining work in the logistics, manufacturing and mining industries you are required to obtain a certain level of training in order to be appropriately qualified.

Whether it’s a forklift ticket or licensing for working at heights – your training is crucial to being able to work onsite, fulfil the role and to carry out daily tasks in a safe manner.

But the need to undergo training doesn’t stop when you’ve got your ticket and your job.

Under Australian legislation, it is up to the employer to provide refresher training as part of their duty of care to ensure that the skills of staff working on site are up-to-date.

Annual training is the best way to consistently ensure equipment is being used safely and that all workers are complying with workplace health and safety (WHS) regulations.

For employers, Elevated Training can provide group refresher training (Verification of Competency) to validate staffs’ abilities to undertake the responsibilities of their roles.

It can be quite a burden for routine operations and production schedules when workers are continually pulled out for days at a time in order to complete licencing or refresher training courses.

Fortunately, Elevated Training is focused on providing tailored training solutions that don’t disrupt your site’s normal workflow.

We deliver forklift licencing and forklift refresher courses onsite to avoid having production shut down all together.

Elevated Training can come to your workplace and provide onsite training for up to 30 employees and we can design a rolling session between various locations if your workplace operates from more than one site.

Workplace training aligns the timing of when your coworkers require refresher training in the years to come, and is also a great way of ensuring all staff have the same level of understanding when it comes to high risk work and safety procedures for the worksite.

Contact us today and find out how you can get arrange group courses or refresher training.